This last weekend was an extended one here in the States since Monday was Memorial Day, and most American’s partake in an activity that is very Red, White, and Blue. In years past for me that meant sleeping in, having our close friends over to make fish tacos, and drink beer at our apartment by the beach. Fast forward to 2016, and things are slightly different. I now have two kids and the activities are a little less mellow.Family at the ballpark

My newborn baby girl, Bowynn James just turned 4 weeks old and we had a successful transition to the bottle this week. I can get into this in another post, but needless to say I now can have a little more breathing room. That being said, my husband Kelley and I decided to go to a baseball game on Sunday and enjoy America’s past time as a family of three. It was important to me since having special time with my 21 month old son Camden is pretty sparse. When we can just be one on one, Bowynn usually wakes up needing me (hello reflux!) and more times than not he sees her latched onto me and doesn’t really get the quality one on one attention. This day would be his first baseball game ever, and to be honest my first live game since 2012?? The entire car ride down to Anaheim where the Angels play was full of excitement talking about what happens at a baseball game. He is obsessed with hockey and was showing the same flare for this new sport.

I wanted to pack light, but with a toddler that can be difficult. I went equipped with some water in his sippy cup with added Toddler Multivitamin, a few crunchy snacks, one diaper, and a whole lot of baby wipes! Ill prepared you say? To my credit, even when the diaper was needed (in the 6th inning) he wouldn’t go near the changing table in the public bathroom (I don’t blame him), so I just left him in his ripe dipe. We were leaving the game anyway in the 7th 🙂 All I really kept reaching for was the pack of wipes I brought. Bloom wipes are great, not only for diaper changes, but for wiping off toddlers faces, hands, toys, cups, tables…you get the picture. I even use them when I am getting ready to wipe off makeup. They are bigger than any other wipe I have tried, are soft as can be. They are 98% natural ingredients in 100% Hydro Pure water. I like that they are naturally scented and work on even very sensitive and eczema prone skin. The very best thing though, you can find them at Target!! Thank you Bloom Baby!

Bloom Wipe #12

Here are more photos of our day at the ball park. It was an awesome day filled with quality time with my first born, and let’s not forget the husband! Overall, I highly suggest doing something fun with your oldest child if you recently have had a second. They will appreciate just being around you uninterrupted, and your heart will be filled.