Hello! Thank you for clicking on over to Humble Hiccups. I’m Renee Herlocker and am excited to share with you my second new baby…uhhh blog. I live in Manhattan Beach, CA and have been married to my awesome husband Kelley James since December 2012. One year after our wedding on Costa Rica we found out we would be expecting our first child.  I am mom to 21 month old son Camden, and just recently my 11 day old daughter Bowynn. I started sharing my “mommy” experiences on Youtube in 2013 when I was pregnant with Camden, and since have only received more and more interest from viewers and readers on how it was becoming a first time mom, what products I’m loving/buying, and what makes me tick as a mom. Now I am no expert, but I think being able to bounce things off of other parents, only makes my job as a mom easier. And let’s be honest, whatever any mom does she thinks is the right thing and I’m no exception 🙂


So what’s with the name you ask? Humble Hiccups came to me when I had insomnia one night around my forth month of pregnancy with Bowynn. Humble by definition is having or showing a modest or low estimate of one’s own importance. When you have kids they become the highest priority, and will be the first to suck the cool right out of you. Nothing is more humbling than walking out of the house, only to find out once reaching your destination that you have baby poop somewhere on your body. Hiccups are some of the first feelings inside your pregnant body that confirms there is indeed a human growing in there, and it is such a wonderful feeling! The word also refers to a minor or temporary difficultly, which pretty much sums up a daily occurrence in the world of parenting. The two married, define me as a mom. I try to stay humble through all the hiccups.

This blog is a place for me to talk about my experiences, sharing the knowledge I’ve gained, seek some from all my readers, and in the end hope to bring a smile to some faces. This is as much an outlet for you as it is for me. These digital pages will be filled with things I love and learned, but please feel free to share what you know.  Let’s grow together!

So stay a while, peruse, and enjoy having Humble Hiccups.

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